April 15, 2023

WordPress and Why we Love It

WordPress is… but as you look on this topic I think you already know very well about this and no reason to repeat that it is the largest CMS in World with many available developers, marketers and SEO people. Have one of the lowest entrances for non developers.

But why do we love it? This story is about this.

The Story starts in the early 2016 year when Anton Pavliv and Max Verentsov  start 7Fridays company. We choose WordPress as our main market specialisation as it was the most fast growing platform to build corporate websites. And we weren’t missed 🙂 for now over 200 corporate websites are builded by us! We love WordPress because it allows us to do a great job because of its very native admin system and code architecture. His custom post type(CPT) based back end logic allows very fast realisation of complex decisions both for creating front end templates and populating content. But not all, creating custom admin panels and UI it the same become much easier, especially with ACF.

On this last tool I want to stop separating. We found it for ourselves in 2018. ACF is a complex plugin that allows creating different types of meta fields for different solutions and attaching user roles, taxonomies or post types.

If properly designed and built it makes life for content managers very easy and smooth. Another advantage is that in the core it is just plain PHP code that does not influence the website speed score. So with proper implementation 90+ score in google speed test is a standard result for the website which makes a drastic difference with page builders based front end implementation.

Indeed we use it not only for managing content, but for the UI decisions as example it a quiz logic build, multi step forms or even creating a tour plans for the travel companies. Beside this visible part under the hood ACF has rich infrastructure for hooks and its own api system. And more as it one of the most popular WordPress plugins (5+millions live installations) it has many supported integrations with other popular decision as Woocommerce or WPML.

WordPress + eCommerce = Woocommerce

When Covid arrived, online ecommerce was blowing up and we started receiving one by one requests to build woocommerce shops. We already built a few but from that time it became our specialisation. Indeed and here WordPress pleasantly surprised us. Even big shops with 1000+ products are easy to manage and build. Properly structured data in woocommerce and hundreds of addons that he has all found decision fast and make them scalable. And now we build ecommerce websites connected to different ERP systems by REST API which WordPress have so awesome realised.

So why? Because WordPress and its ecosystem gives so many perfect decisions to do awesome websites! And not just websites but softwares as well. I will speak about this in my next article.