October 20, 2022

Fast websites for the blazing World

Information sources progress

Long time ago people searched for information in libraries, archives, and newspapers. There was lack of information: existing data was scattered, every new resource was equivalent to “golden vein”.

Everything changed with the Internet and search engines’ invention. Now there are more Internet information sources (websites) than people on our planet. The data volume they have stored for more than a decade has exceeded the volume of information of all libraries and archives worldwide.

Like the Internet changed the rules in working with information sources Google changed the rules in searching algorithm. In spite of the initial difficulties, the Internet showed exceptional results: now, when you search for something, you get only relevant resources on the first pages of the search engine. Everyone got interested in this opportunity: every company or person doing business nowadays cannot do without at least own business card website in the Internet. And, of course, everyone wants his website to be on the top of search-engine results and to have more visitors.

WordPress as the most popular CMS

Almost 50% of the modern sites ( are made with WordPress; and there are reasons for this choice.

The main WordPress advantages are: the great admin panel, many ready-made solutions and talented developers involved in working with it. But in our opinion, the main thing is brilliantly implemented technical SEO. Due to easy-to-use tools like YOAST or All in One SEO, anyone can make the basic SEO adjustment without the appropriate expertise.

We are sure most of you know this fact as we suppose you to be long- term WordPress users.

New tendencies and solutions in website building

The world is progressing: everything changes quickly giving place to something new, demanding us to be flexible and interactive. Thus everyone wants to get fast results and speed of getting the data is of extreme importance now. We live and work in a competitive environment. When one opens a search engine, he has many options for getting the result. If some resource is loading and working slowly, it might be changed in favour of those that are loading fast.

Unfortunately, standard WordPress cannot compete with modern JavaScript frameworks such as React in terms of speed: for fundamental reasons, it works more slowly. On the other hand, setting up SEO on pure React is not a pain for small and medium-sized businesses.

High-quality SEO on React (or another js framework) demands a few hundreds hours of work for both the marketing team and development one. The solution of this time-consuming problem was found in combining WordPress with Javascript.

Headless CMS+js

Headless WordPress combines the backend (system admin) of WordPress and the JavaScript framework on the side of a user. This blend makes it possible to bypass the individual problems and combine their pros.

There are currently several popular solutions for Headless WordPress: gatsby.js and next.js. They are not strictly WordPress solutions: can work for other CMS as well, even for Google Spreadsheets if there is a necessity).

The main difference between these two solutions (without delving into the technical details, of course) is that the first (gatsby.js) is better suited for informational, static sites such as our company’s site and the other (next.js ) for dynamic ones, for example, online stores with Woocommerce or booking websites.

Of course, like everything in this world, HeadLess WordPress also has its price. It requires professional technical support; it will not work as a self-made website on Elementor or another page builder plugin. You won’t be able to add new functionality with the WordPress plugin: it won’t work as it hasn’t react frontend. Any way before implementing, we need to discuss your situation weighing all the cons and pros to determine what elements of your business’s presence on the web are essential.
Will be glad to discuss your specific case and find the best solution for your business!