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Our solutions

Developing a website we always propose custom solutions for every individual project. Custom website development gives us an opportunity to create unique and convenient for user product. As a rule, we propose to enlarge the functionality of the website by custom themes and plugins.

Corporate Websites
Real Estate

Corporate Websites

The corporate website presents your company and is the main source to let your customers know about your goals, services, company’s activity, achievements, and history. The more detailed information a visitor finds about your business the more chances he will cooperate with your company.
To develop this type of website we always use such basic tips: simple brand-oriented design, call to action by button (link, etc.), simple and detailed navigation, developed mobile version, visible contact information, and interesting company’s story. A good corporate website has to provide a visitor with complete information about the company and with quick feedback via the contact form.
We develop fast and easy to use websites for business with large functionality and perfect pixel design implementation. A customer-centric approach, a wide range of services, and an experienced team make your website more creative and interesting for a visitor.

Real Estate

Over 90 per cent of popular real estate companies have websites. Our team has a large experience in developing real estate websites. We propose an individual solution for every project customizing and adding larger functionality with a help of plugins and themes. The websites we develop are fast, easy-to use with large functionality and perfect pixel design implementation. We understand the main goal of real estate business and we can develop a website perfectly fitting your needs.

Specific features of real estate website

  • easy-to-use both for a buyer and a seller
  • high quality photos, videos, 3D tours
  • functional navigation
  • exact and detailed content
  • responsive website design
  • customers’ testimonials and reviews
  • quick contact form and calculator


In developing educational websites we always do our best to make UX/UI website’s design. We propose to enlarge the functionality of websites with custom themes and plugins (f.e. for students to find courses and register to attend some lectures). We usually develop educational websites with authentication page and profile, dashboard, easy navigation, working mobile version. A few rules concerning this type of websites: website design should be moderate, the relevant content has to be structured and planned, easy access, and navigation for students as well as for lecturers.
In our time a possibility to get education on-line has a high demand among students.


We develop the unique e-commerce web-site: brand-oriented, easy to use, and informative for buyers. Our websites have the dynamic visual appeal of the highest quality in order to be attractive to customers.
We propose such solutions for e-commerce websites: simple and easy-to-use design, exact price description, good photos and detailed products’ representation with reviews and testimonials, developed navigation menu, search bar, view cart and system of filters, contact info and simple check-out.
The main function of this type of website is to be useful and attractive for a visitor motivating to become a buyer.
We develop our websites fast, easy-to-use with large functionality, and perfect pixel design implementation.


We provide safe, secure, reliable SAAS with easy user accessibility, flexibility, no need for updates and installation, cost, and time-saving.
SAAS is a cloud-based service where instead of downloading software on your desktop PC, you access an application via an internet browser.
If the applications are delivered via SAAS users can usually access the software from any devices and locations that have internet connectivity. The ability to run on both mobile devices and desktops is one of the SAAS advantages. Another benefit is its easy scalability. This feature is important for companies to grow quickly. SAAS customers admit the possibility to make automatic updates in software. SAAS can help a business to save time and resources by focusing more on core business.


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Our best work

We use the WordPress content management system to be sure the website we develop is easy to use, SEO friendly, safe and secure, fast, and functionally supplemented by themes and plugins. We always follow the trends and use innovative ideas to implement the project.

The Qube

“Team is a pleasure to work with. They are patient and determined to get the job done right. They are also incredibly responsive and happy to make small changes on short notice. Would HIGHLY recommend!”

Life: The Qube


“I can’t complain at all. The guys did a great job, fast, and exactly like I wanted it to be at very reasonable prices. Polite, professional, easy communication. Will definitely work with them again.”

Life: Velartez


“Professional, experienced, in time, very committed, friendly, efficient… Thank you for your great work! Highly recommended!”

Life: Zoog


“It was a quite complex WP project. We’ve developed a new theme from scratch and added a number of functionalities. Also, we had very strict QA requirements that took additional time to fix. Overall Anton’s 7Fridays team was very responsive and agile in our requests. Also, they suggested some solutions that helped us to make it in an optimal way. However, there were some issues with some custom solutions like receiving requests from the Contact form to the Google Sheets file and it took longer time and effort than expected. However, eventually, they overcome all challenges and provided a decent result for us. I highly appreciate all their efforts and recommend working with 7Fridays!”

Life: DOIT

AVLS Posters

“Max and his team successfully delivered a Woo Commerce project for us. They have a good work ethic and desire to get the job done as promised. They are able to work collaboratively with different team members. Max seems to work 24 hours a day for his client, which I really appreciated as we’re obviously in different time zones. As with any web project, my only suggestion is to just be clear on the exact requirement and have your designs completely representative of all functionality. This is a good practice in general when working with remote development teams. It saves a lot of time and energy. If you need a team to deliver a woo commerce project, Max and his team will get the job done for you. I would hire them again for feature updates in the future.”

Happy Doggo

“Anton was a superb developer who I could not be happier with and who I intend to work with on an ongoing basis. He was able to build us a world class website from our designers Figma files and did so without much hand holding or questions. He just got everything working and totally executed brilliantly. Really happy with his work.”

Life: Happy Doggo
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