April 22, 2024

Google Speed Metrics and Core Web Vitals

Why a green score doesn’t mean passing the Core Web Vitals Assessment

So you have developed a new website and it shows a green score on the Google Speed Test but does not pass Core Web Vitals? Let’s check your Google Search Console, you will see which pages and exactly which issue they have.

And here we come to the biggest challenge, define why Google say that:

So as you probably know Google counts these metrics on the real user experience. So let’s investigate it, you may see the hourly report as on this screen:

In case you already transfer to GA4 use this article to setup hourly comparison. In case this does not work for some reason you are always able to write to your hosting support to receive relevant data.

In most cases, the difference between peak and lowest periods of user activity is 5-6 times. Because of this, the results of server response can be different from the time when you check these metrics especially if you have some website functionality that demands real-time data to show. For example, this page has to display relevant data with departure times and quantity of available tickets. Obviously when the server needs to proceed with this data on a few pages for 10-20 users it a one story and another when it has many pages and hundreds of requests at the same time. So do research and define if your web server capacity is enough for peak user time.

There are another problem when your users struggle with slow internet. There are many regions of the World where 3G internet is still dominant. Here decision can be one – reduce the complexity of design and functionality, discover what gives more value for users and your business time of loading the first screen or design/functionality that it brings. Maybe if organic traffic is not the main resource from which visitors come to you no need to spend a budget for green metrics.

If you still struggle without a green score and want to achieve a high ranking in Google contact us (by clicking the open contact us modal window) and we will make a decision. Years of relevant experience allow us to guarantee results.